Two-part adhesive applicator gun

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A Battery Powered Applicator

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Bond insulation board with the right tool

Our two-part adhesive applicator is the ultimate tool for roofing insulation board installation. Designed with heavy-duty parts, this dual-component adhesive gun is built to last in the toughest working conditions. It's the perfect complement to adhesive canister and tanks. This is making it ideal for both small and large projects.

Frame design

Work with the best tool only

  • 4 stainless guiding rod – strong & corrosion free
  • Front: self-lubricating bushing
  • Back: sealed linear bearing
  • Easy refill bay
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design – shoulder strap
  • Easy to clean
ratio 1:1
Full compatibility

Use two-part cartridge you work with

Our cordless stand-up applicator is compatible with all 1:1 ratio two-component low-rise foam adhesive cartridges. It's designed for quick, secure insulation attachment to roof decks and building envelopes without compromise, allowing you to work with any distributor product you choose.

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    two-part adhesive applicator

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